Apache NiFi is changing the way people move huge amounts of data. It’s never been easier (or cheaper) to move and transform raw data into meaningful insight.

With that being said, the release notes for Apache NiFi 1.0.0-BETA were released a couple days ago! These are very exciting times as this project becomes more mature.

Here’s the biggest updates:

  • A brand new UI (!!!)
    • Cleaner lines, better toolbars, more modern look. Things will be easier to find.


  • Zero master clustering
    • This means that NiFi’s become much more resilient to failure while staying lightweight. Individual clients “elect” a leader to handle coordination between clients. This is similar to how YARN High-Availability works.
  • Actual multi-user tenancy
    • There’s a drop-down for admins to create users, set permissions, visibility, etc for actual users. Before, there were really two types of users: Admins and Managers. Admins ruled the whole workflow, Managers could make changes to workflows. Now, individual components can be controlled for individual users.
  • Version control for templates
    • This is really huge. The upload/implement template function of NiFi was fairly well hidden and obscure before. With version control, I’d hope that a user would be able to check in/out various branches of the template XML files easily.

Beyond that, there’s a few more processors built-in now and a ton of bug fixes.

Please note, I’m not a contributor/committer of Apache NiFi, but I do follow and use the tool fairly regularly. It’s exciting to see the community making these changes. If you see something in the release notes that excites you, let us know below!

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