A page featuring the contributors (i.e. Hadoopsters) to this site. Read about each writer below.

Landon Robinson
Principal Data Scientist, Walt Disney Television Research

Spark + AI Summit 2019 speaker. Passionate about teaching others the ins and outs of big data engineering and distributed computing. Co-author of The Spark Starter Guide. Proud husband and father of two girls. Formerly worked in the video game industry.

Co-founder of Hadoopsters.com.

James Barney
Principal Cloud Engineer at Ally Invest

I build transformative applications in the cloud, delivering technical capabilities quickly so that my business partners can focus on our customers’ needs.

With a background in big data, I’ve built enterprise data lakes in S3 and real-time streaming, predictive applications in Kinesis.

Co-founder of Hadoopsters.com.

Craig Covey
Senior Software Engineer – Data Science, Sam’s Club

Experienced software engineer with a passion for Big Data and The Cloud. Extensive experience delivering outstanding results in production using Python, Scala, Apache Airflow, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Microsoft Azure, Azure Databricks, & Google Cloud Platform.