A page featuring the contributors (i.e. Hadoopsters) to this site.

Landon Robinson
Principal Data Scientist, Walt Disney Television Research

With a focus on Analytic Operations, I incorporate, traverse and understand new datasets, solve difficult technical problems, scale models and pipelines in the cloud, document data in our warehouses, and optimize Spark (PySpark, R, SQL), Hive, Presto, Snowflake and more for scale.

James Barney
Principal Cloud Engineer at Ally Invest

I build transformative applications in the cloud, delivering technical capabilities quickly so that my business partners can focus on our customers’ needs.

With a background in big data, I’ve built enterprise data lakes in S3 and real-time streaming, predictive applications in Kinesis.

The cloud is the single most important tool for innovativation in business. I’m proud to be a part of the team at Ally Invest building the brokerage of tomorrow.